Company Profile

  • The company’s name, BT, is derived from the term Behavioral Training.
  • We are a research and training company offering organizations: Management development, employee motivation, service with enthusiasm, team building
  • Our other name is Enthusiasm, because we have become the leading lecturers in the field of enthusiasm
  • We have been around for 14 years
  • Experience and activity – United States, Europe, Asia

First and foremost, we are a research unit, which has been developing research questions for years, on the subjects of:

  • People’s enthusiasm components
  • Level of encouragement in organizations, the type of encouragement required, the recommended amount
  • The real components connecting people to the organization
  • Igniting the passion of members of management and employees
  • Jolting organizations into waking up and pushing forward
  • All achieved through humor
  • All of our lectures incorporate upbeat hit music tailored to the audience.

We incorporate humor in everything we do! All lectures and training sessions are part stand-up comedy

We specialize in the following sectors:

  • Business organizations: Banking, retail, communications, industry, security industries
  • Municipalities and local councils
  • Ministry of Education and schools
  • Hospitals
  • Army, military commando units, the Air Force, Naval commando, counter-terrorism, cyberwarfare
  • We are familiar with the actual challenges in every industry

Vast experience

  •  We have been through 450,000 trainees
  •  We have worked with approximately 2,000 organizations


  • 45 minute to one hour long “charging, waking and igniting” lectures on the subject of waking up the organization and anti-burnout
  • Lectures for management on the subject of encouraging employees, waking employees up and connecting employees
  • Lecture on change management – with enthusiasm and by creating a connection between the change and the employees
  • Enthusiastic service lecture
  • A different style of lecture on selling with enthusiasm
  • Lecture on sensitivity, gratitude, proportions, compassion, and humanity
  • Lecture on safety

Guaranteed to wake up the audience

  •  We know how to work a cynical, skeptical and sarcastic audience
  • We attain over 85% cooperation from any audience
  • Whether we hold an activity for 10 people or for 1,000 people – we are equally successful
  • We work heterogeneous audience well:
    • Senior and junior positions together – in the same hall
    • Different nationalities from different cultures – in the same hall
    • Old and young people together, veterans and newbies together – in the same hall

The number of people already exposed to our method

Among Our Clients