Workshops for municipalities and local councils

For city/council management and employees

Motivation, anti-burnout, change management, connection to goals, service – resident call center, team building, beautification division, information systems, legal department, comptrollers and financial


For residents – a happy, resilient and enthusiastic city!

Motivation lectures for the youth center – for teen agers, activities for parents centers, reduction of at risk behavior, for senior citizens, health day, empowerment of women, gender and women's day, urban navigation – connecting parents and children, recruiting volunteers and motivating volunteers


for the education division

Power for teachers, connecting parents and teachers, motivating students!

Development of Teaching Staff seminars

Workshops, lectures, experiences for municipalities and councils

For human resources – for city/council management, for municipal employees

  • For city management: Motivation, streamlining, team building, connecting to objectives, urban branding, the importance of training
  • General motivation for municipal employees + for veterans who are burning out
  • Team building, communication, reducing conflicts
  • Motivation lecture for the beautification / information systems / financial departments


For the service department – resident call center

  • Motivation for resident call center
  • Connecting employees to standard times/ deadlines in the call center


For the pensioners’/senior department + health projects

  • life force, health and mental wellbeing lecture
  • Recruiting and motivating volunteers


Supporting parent centers by KAMA (community of parenting experts)

  • Led by Ruthie Livnat – Partner in Dr. Enthusiasm and Bondoo, for connecting parents and children
  • Content, support and consultation – integrates both the foundation and years of activity


For the Youth Center:

  • Motivational and empowerment lecture for youth about studying and the army
  • Lecture about resilience against at risk behaviors: Alcohol, drugs, violence.
  • Parent children urban navigation – connection


to the education division

  • to the director of the kindergarten department
  • Lecture for kindergarten teachers’ aides and daycare kindergarten teachers in afternoon daycare facilities at the start/end of year ceremony
  • For the director of the education department: Lecture for all school principals at the start/end of the year ceremony
  • For every school
  • Teachers’ program – 4 sessions
  • Parents’ lecture
  • 4-session program for students
  • Special needs department
  • Power, anti-burnout, communication with schools, communication with parents


Development of Teaching Staff

  • 10-session program for teachers
  • Program/lecture for school counselors
  • Program/lecture for Pedagogic councelors

Executive and leadership development

Subject Contents
Vision and values• Building an organizational vision, building organizational values
• Building personal vision, personal values, and integrating it with organizational vision and values
• Getting values from the wall to the ground - applying it in daily life
Increasing the manager’s power, which impacts all• Reviving faith in the organization's resurrection and breaking through
• Personal power, self-ignition, self-care in all management life sectors for power
Managerial concept, role definition, authority building• Formulate a uniform management concept between managers and units
• Formulation of Managerial Concept (Soft, "Hard", Accurate, Demanding, Mentor / Coach, Fear Reduction)
• Authority - No official authority
• Limits: Break, tardiness, clothing, ...
• Management without authority and matric management
Employee learning, curiosity, self-teaching of employees, endless learning to improve performance• Why should I? What will I get from this? Decoding, HIGH, Life Control ...
• How do you do it day in and day out?
• Awareness of processes, stages (reflection, absorption, cognition down)
Improving performance, awareness, and behavioral accuracy
• T node in behavior (choice) + behavior experiments
• Courage in behavior
Motivation + anti-grinding and organizational resilience• About 10 methods of encouraging people: Forward, calm, do not give up, do not be afraid to fear, dare, increase courage, increase assertiveness, attribute, extraction of thinking, about execution, amount of encouragement per day, group encouragement, ...
• Enhancing Charisma and Standing in Front of Audience + Exciting Body Language 4 rules
• Connecting employees to Engagement organization based on organizational benefits, gratitude and power of organization
• Anti-grinding solutions: Projects, volunteering, product improvements, marketing improvements, ...
• Reducing steam, howls, skepticism, cynicism, conservatism
Change management• Getting change well with less demoralization
• Getting an exchange of managers, new managers
• Going through layoffs and downsizing in a containable but powerful and rational way
• Moving office and factory location in a strong way
• Receive regulation, new software, CRM, ERP, etc.
Workflow, streamlining• Simplicity of processes (3 clicks, 3 steps)
• Workflow automation
Meeting management, and enthusiasm briefings• Shorter - how to do it
• Exciting / lifting (and not suppressing depressing) - how to do it
• Control - the mother of all successes. How to stick to it and sell its beauty
Recruiting and retaining employees + work-life balance• By connecting to an organization
• By extracting self-thinking and sense of meaning
• By enthusiasm
• By a career path and / or a combination of independence / hiring
Family Work Balance Tips
Formation and communication• We all have one goal, there’s no us/them, we do not exhaust each other
Methodological difficulty management • Intellectual problem solving. Improving processes instead of nerves
• 4 steps for orderly difficulty management including answering thoughts and action plans

Motivation, self-motivation, and motivating employees

(emphasis on the Y and Z generations and on the veterns)

The base• Introduction (Forms Sets), I Admit * 5, Proportion * 4
• Compassion and Humanity * 4, Meaning and Mission * 3
Strengths and Goals• What is special about me? How strong am I? My values? My vision (picture / direction)
• Clear and measurable goals 3 years ahead
Awareness tools• Management / control point
• AL, PAL, PL, LMPD, dismantling, engineering, T or tree junction - behavior selection, gong, ...
Courage, liberation, lightness• Courage to say do, ITB, activism, initiative
Encouragement and motivation- Over 10 Encouragement Methods:
- Go ahead, calm down, try, even a millimeter is good, don't be afraid to be afraid, grip, a meaningful mission, listen, barely acknowledge, shake, stop whining, I admit, compassion, proportion, look at the fear and yet, courage !, trust you, ...
Difficulties management- Gong, Classification, Answering, Drill, Awareness of falling, SOM ...
- My Support Group (Family, Friends)
- Dismissal, bereavement and loss, money, ...
- Asking for help, prayer, activism
My automation- Pattern breaking, pattern recognition
- ECER (event, commentary, emotion, response)
Family, parenting, partnership- Good partnership * 3, good parenting, problem solving, mom and dad, work-life balance
Application of Measurement- How to measure, who measures, reminder tools, app, ...
Highlights of generations Y and Z• What do I get out of it (Emily)
• For your CV - for my financial future
• Listen to you. Trust you. How would you do that? Your mind is important to us
• Support your desire to change the world. To fix the world. Activism.
• Supports your independence
• Work and life / family balance
• Work From Home - When? How much? Limits for Generation Z

Change management and managment of uncertainty

Background and objectives

  • Currently all sectors are undergoing change: banking, cellular, insurance, industry, military, public offices, hospitals…
  • Forced change (faults, trends in the sector), as opposed to elective changes (streamlining, improvement)
  • The illusion of control verses natural trends. “The most stable thing is change”
  • in life change happens naturally. Its difficult. But you do it: children, school, going to the army, getting married,…
  • The rate of change: over several months or overnight
  • Veterans, even of 20/30 years – must practice change management

The benefits of change

  • Infinite improvement
  • A lust for learning. The fun in learning something new, otherwise you fall asleep / fade
  • Professional perception of change management! These are qualifications and skills for your CV
  • Making a mark for years to come

The cost of failure to change

  • Resident leakage, complacency, cuts, …

Stages of change

  • Pain / desire / need ◄ Lack of awareness/denial/grief ◄ experiment◄ lack of control ◄ control ◄ result
  • Change document, Behavioral experiment

The confidence to make the change

  • Our fortitude, we have already made the change

resistance to change solutions for resistance to change

  • Indifference, poisoning, Italian strike,…
  • The art of management, management body language, the uniformity of management, a manager who recharges him or herself
  • Sharing pictures online in real time, recognizing the difficulty, containing the difficulty
  • Requiring the cessation of resistance/poisoning, saying goodbye to destructive resistors

What do you do on states of uncertainty?

  • Every uncertainty has a deadline (and end point), for learning, for encouraging others, guesses – there's no point
  • Fear of people leaving, people who stay fearing the instability
  • TTP – Trust the Process
  • My personal knowledge stays with me and will go with me where ever I go.

Preparation for difficult situations

  • Mental and personal support during times of crisis, mental first aid, reducing suicidal thinking, proper preparation for retirement

Measuring success

  • Even a millimeter of change is good, a change in the perception of months and years

Service - perception, values, implementation

היקף שעותSubjectContents
2Opening• Presenting goals
• Activity formulates and opens up all cynicism and skepticism
• Admitting difficulty, laughing at the difficulty, I admit, proportion, compassion, humanity, the meaning of your job and team pride
2Brainstorming and listening to the team + change management principles• Team Listening Round: What are the challenges in the field? What are the constraints? What are the situations? What is difficult?
• Collecting about 10 situations and constraints from squadron life / interfaces with: Contractors, suppliers, staff, subordinates, commanders
• A round of thoughts on the service you would like to receive at various places in your life
• Openness to change, leading to change, benefits from change for career and family
2Increasing awareness• Increase awareness (AL - Awareness Level) for all your actions and behavior.
• Breathe before taking an Action, Self-Analysis of Function, Behavioral Absorption, T-Junction in Behavior, Behavioral Experiments (EXP)
• Propulsion from behavioral improvement, behavioral accuracy, decoding, resilience development
• Sticking to a task, grip, only "crazy" people succeed, the courage to demand and stand up for professional truth
4Principles of service1. A sense of partnership. Support. Mission. Meaning. 1 Goal for all of us.
2. Eye contact, kindness, tone of voice, face and smile, hands forward, body forward
3. Completing a task: Who does what, what’s the deadline
4. I got it - in progress - done
5. If late in delivery - inform before
6. Standard times (commitment to action) per topic. SLA - Service Level Agreement.
7. Don't throw a person from therapist to therapist
8. Make the transition - Extra. Define what Extra is.
9. Simplifying processes, shortening processes
10. There is no such thing as "no". Instead of saying "no", say "then what’s possible".
2Motivating people to service. Encouraging people to service* About 10 encouragement methods
* How much to cheer, how to cheer, in what situation to cheer
* Encouragement tools: Posters, postcards, stickers, sms messages, emails, presentations, ...
2Methodological difficulty management* Addressing objections and concerns
* Addressing resistance to change, skepticism and cynicism - including resistance from veterans and commanders
* Four stages of rational difficulty management
* From problems - to improving the process and driving action
* Separating emotion / mind or the limit of touching a heart event to prevent a crash
* Using change agents and believers along the way
2Measurement, and results* Assessing one's self - number, major, graphs, rulers
* Assessments around the person
* Assessment in questionnaires
* Using Power Map to control individual-level team functioning

Stress and burnout management and reduction Stress management


  • The stress in any sector – is significant More tasks for less people
  • The modern world is aggressive in the amount of information and data per minute and per hour
  • Basic emotions: Bitterness, bodies screaming for health (dryness, coughing, despondency, tantrums, the desire to escape


    Recognizing difficulty

    • I am not supposed be able to keep up with a 25 year old
    • Deciding – enough Deciding to be easy
    • My turn now. Its enough now

    Control = quiet, time and task management – to reduce pressure

    • 2do list which is always on me + kept current + marking priorities with two stars ** or by circling them
    • Accurate definition of urgent / not urgent
    • Allocating time for tasks and making sure that everything works out (in terms of time versus tasks)
    • Taking safety factors (time intervals) to prevent last minute pressure
    • Who does what – and until when (setting time frames to reduce pressure)
    • Creating simplicity, simplification, automation, workflow
    • Homework sheet (napkin, notebook, note)
    • Release control and delegate

    Role structure, role definition, initiative, innovation

    • From the office – outwards From the ground – to the office
    • Diversification – progressing towards a role/subject that interest you
    • Infinite improvements in the process, new project, new marketing tool, new scenarios, new training tools
    • Future direction – sticking it out for the long term, to improve the situation, for independence

    stopping pressure from the surroundings

    • Being assertive with the surroundings

    Moving towards meaning, and sticking with what is good

    • Leaving a mark, sticking with what is good, a “I have” list, living a balance life in general, raising children and having a family is also an important and worthy goal, volunteering

    Physical fatigue, which has a mental impact + taking care of it

    • Standing up tall, 5 types of breathing, reducing the speed of walking through the corridor, midday fatigue, afternoon fatigue, evening fatigue, Sunday [Monday] fatigue
    • Reduction of screen time – (phone, television)
    • Driving a lot, driving fast, driving + other things, reducing traffic congestion
    • Sports, movement, nutrition * 5 tips, 1/2 an hour more sleep
    • One minute rest breaks, taking off shoes / flipflops (in the summer), shirt out, beard, washing your face, flossing,…

    Emotional self-care, awareness to “falls”, and meta cognition (thinking about thinking) to reduce obsessive thoughts

    • Overload of emotions verses rationale, heart overload / emotional detachment
    • Overload in ones mind verses overload in practice
    • Noticing when entering a “fall” and handling it in an organized manner
    • Reducing the weight that I give things. To the nuisance section
    • This is livelihood

    Support group, sharing, community

    • Whatsapp group + encouragement of others

    FamilyBack to Family

    • Family dinner
    • Delegating house work and technical assistance, mad dashes around the children, wives who shoulder everything…
    • The weight of relationships in stress and burnout + taking care of relationships

    Calm and recovery management / recharging, experiences, thrills

    • An hour at the port, participating in sports, group, studies, dancing,…
    • More relaxed weekends

Innovation + courage _ initiative

Courage• Courage to say (your opinion, yes, no, more, less)
• Courage level from 1 to 10
• Only "crazy" people succeed - listen to your inner self
• Have a tight grip
• Be less apologetic
• Release and lightness in behavior
Selling value in marketing• Sell your value for the product / service with the product
• Reflecting on Consumers and Partners Production costs, development costs, research and development effort, ...
Innovation in Service• 24/7 responsivity through sms
• What do you think? What are you missing? In the easiest way
Innovation in usage• When, how, easy, available, fast, small package, ...
Innovation in love and support messages - about the product/service• Get some rest, we love you, you’re okay, proportions, I admit, have fun!
Balancing messages• Family / work, health / fun, family / rest, ...
From the future 2030 to the present 2020• Setting a goal and aiming there
• Patience TTP = Trust The Process
Innovation from your team, your employees, your suppliers, your partners• What is missing / what to improve App
• Push to Ask
• Best on the operating floor = best knowing
Innovation in Target Audiences• Volunteers, Public Prosecutors, Teachers, Military and Security, Students, Youth, Recruits, Retirees
Innovation in Simplicity Process Abstraction• In one click (voice recording)
• In 3 clicks (big buttons)
• A form that refills itself
• Over the age of 45, one does not see font 12 without glasses and a flashlight
Innovation in packaging• Small / large / cute / luxurious / simple / kit / ...
Innovation in relationships• Courtship, touch, forgiveness / apology, co-creation, sharing, years of loyalty
The basics of enthusiasmSelf-Inflammation, you only live once, Breathe, Proportions, Gratitude, ...

Safety + increasing awareness

Background, and benefit for me• We are all committed to safety. This is our common duty
• Safety is interesting! Crack it. Understand. Analyze. Absorb.
• You are just as important as work
• One mistake for a second - a life lost .... Or insomnia for 20 years
• Safety has become a profession. For professionalism. For excellence. How good are you at this? 7? 8? How familiar are you with the topic?
• If fighter pilots do safety every day despite their "honor" then so can we
• Safety as a surgical surgeon (millimeters)
Get to know the danger points• Situations that are dangerous to us
• Forklifts, ladders, heights, self tying, driving in reverse, keeping distance, bumper front accidents
• Operating a machine without testing, fire
• Times, fatigue, hunger
• Pressure at home / gighting, money, ...
High Awareness Psychology and Focus Level and Attention• How does Focus Level (FL) work with an attention deficit disorder?
• Deep Breath Shoulder Shoulder (Focusing, Mindfulness)
• High awareness of body movements
• Self-ignition: Sit up + breathe (shoulder shoulder, breathe deeply)
• When do I become aware? In the shower, the toilet, the ride, the coffee shop, the conversation with friends ...
Get to know my falls• When do I personally fall with my safety decisions
• Messages, e-mails, headset arrangement
• Car is messy, hungry
• I do everything while driving (nails, drinks, food, take off coat, write,)
Applying• Daily safety card
• Self-ignition
• A ceremony. It's all about building a new "marking" ritual / habit for myself
• Alliance. Make an alliance with a friend / buddy. He's got my back. I’ve got his.
• It's a year or two of "work" of applying it until it's 1/2 second nature ...
For managers - at any job - Safety Management + DNA Language• Mention a 1,000 times that safety is a pride. It's leadership.
• Don't be alarmed if you are told you are "annoying".
• Remember our 5? (Safety clauses)
• I'm your body guard / guard buddy.
The future (is already here)• Detectors: Your speed now (Speed feedback)
• Apps
• Support and Reminder Systems - SPSS (Automatic Behavior Detection and Alert)

Additional Lectures and Workshops

for special departments / divisions

  • For finances

Pride in ones role, you are important, anti-burnout

  • For information systems

Motivations, intraorganizational service, burnout

  • For legal

Team spirit! Internal service, selling regulation


  • Employee retention

Listening, utilization of skills, connection to the organization

  • Team building

Team building and communication + giving people credit in the organization

  • Committee

On collaboration, 1 objective, solutions

Change and streamlining

  • Streamlining

Supporing Lean and Kaizen, process simplicity

  • Termination of employment

Executive training, resilience for all, in uncertainty

Confrences and events

  • Outstanding employee and end of year ceremony

Excellence, professionalism, and new beginning

  • Supplier conference, customer conference

Saying thank you, team building, collaboration

  • Executive get-together in the desert

Mitzpe Ramon. Boutique hostel. Night

Family and gender

  • Family lecture

with partners. Family supporting organization!

  • Health day

Activities + and knowledge for a healthy life

  • Female empowerment

Equality, strength, women in management, and more

  • Pentioners, retirement

Supporting proper and good retirement

  • Recruiting volunteers

How? Annual plan, doubling the amount of volunteers


  • Ethics, integrity

Organizational values and challenging issues

  • Accessibility – with love

Selling the importance of the subject in the organization

  • Instructional videos

Sort. 30 seconds. For the phone. The work amazingly!

About the Company

Organizational Development - Behavioral Training (BT)

  • Diagnosis, insight into and training of employees, teams, departments and senior officers
  • Measuring success – measure the situation (level of motivation, level of power, level of awareness and more…) before and after the activity.
  • Research and Development (R&D) of innovation in training

A different training perception

Sharper Unique model for increasing awareness, motivation and power ◄ positive shakeup ◄ Encouraging◄ Developing an organizational culture ◄ language / glossary◄ Intelligent humor ◄ Energetic music


The scientific sources of our method: CBT, cognitive psychology, NLP, Focusing, Mindfulness

The hottest and most innovative methods in the behavioral world

Our background: BT Organizational Development (from Dr. Enthusiasm)

  • Active since 2004 We evolved from smart industries: Strauss, Keter Plastic, Global Nokia
  • CEO: Eran Shahar, globalNOKIA graduate (member of management), Strauss and Keter Plastic, United States and Europe
  • The team: 10 organizational consultants, instructors and facilitators, with master's degrees or above, who are different and diverse – enthusiastic, “crazy”, “kickass”, precise…
  • Supervisor and academic consultant = Dr. Shiri Daniels
  • Over 4,300 training processes of all kinds – ongoing processes, organizational workshops
  • Experience with over 1,000 organizations in Israel from 30 different sectors – retail, industry, high tech, government ministries, the Ministry of Education, IDF, police and more… We have been seen by over 410,000 people over the last decade! 


Vast experience in organizational development

  • Insurance companies: AIG, Phoenix, Menorah, Clal
  • The Ministry of Defense: Teleprocessing, Israel Security Agency, additional divisions
  • Banks: Poalim, Leumi, Discount, First International
  • Sick Funds: Maccabi, Leumit, Clalit,…
  • Industry: Strauss, Osem, Scope Metals, Netafim, Shamir Optics,…
  • Israel Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Electric Corporation, Courts, the Knesset, about 40 municipalities and local councils
  • Security industries: Refael, Elta, Elbit, Israel Military Industries
  • Communications companies: Partner, Pelephone, Celcom, HOT, Yes
  • Gas stations: Delek, Sonol, Paz
  • We work dozens of times a year in each organization! With nearly all divisions and departments
  • Permanent lecturers at the Israeli Center of Management's Israeli Service Conference, including the most recent one in April 2018

Differentiation - our difference

  1. Mission oriented. Missions. Implementation of missions. Specific sentences. Specific Metrics (KPI).
  2. Measurement and performance analysis people Behavioral Engineering Cognitive Engineering
  3. We evolved from industry and from automation We work on the ground. Objectives. Metrics. Processes.
  4. No slogans. No 20,000 feet high theories and “perceptions”, which are left with no substance when they hit the ground.
  5. Training tools for retention and implementation: Sets of cards, 5 dice, bracelets, strong application,…