Program of lectures for parents

Number of sessions: We recommend 3 or 4 lectures for parents on the topics specified below

Target Audience: Parents

Connecting parents and children, empowerment + boundaries

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Connecting parents to children - as opposed to distancing and criticizing them• The magic of children, the beauty of their souls, remembering our love
• Nicknames we fall into: Hard / narrow / "Temporarily insane" / I don’t have energy for them / ...
• Don't give up in life. We chose it. There are plenty of tactics / methods to connect with them
• Declaration of a connection / return project for my child
The long-term plan with the children• Building the child's self-confidence, love of life and self-love
• Trust
• Relationship of guidance and friendship
• Encourage each child to take his own path
Teaching kids to have fun - that's our # 1 goal• Smell, hug, watch the full moon, listen to music, dance
• Stroll, walk in beautiful markets / streets, colors, fashion, clothes
• Shout, walk barefoot, just ride a bike, laugh, nonsense, ...
The basics of enthusiasm and awareness• Your power first (recognition of difficulty, laughter at difficulty)
• Self-ignition = breathing + straightening + talking to yourself
• You have a mission and goal!
• I admit, proportions, compassion, humanity
• 10 methods of encouragement
• Difficulties management and thoughts
The strength and beauty of children• Brain, head, analysis, numbers
• Heart, soul, giving, companionship, kindness, nice, spiritual
• Ticking, sharpness, operation, toughness, durability
• Tell the child "what he is" in one word
New quality time• By car, by shuttle
• One on one - 20 or 30 minutes of coke / chocolate milk
• A night out
• Doing a workshop together
• Ask them about their content: TV shows, video games, YouTube browsers, ...
Proper communication in 2020• 80% encouragement and love of life, and only 20% criticism (not the other way around)
• This digital (phone) is excellent. SMS messages
• Short. Don't be annoying (:
• Ask when it's okay to talk. Do not let your anger control your actions
Train children for resilience, difficulty management, prepare them for life• Teach problem solving
• Teach Mood Management - Understanding Distressing Difficulties / Thoughts
• Teaching balance of emotions / mind
• Teach social problem solving
• Teach money management
Limits• From "I trust you, my parent”
• Understanding that when I don't give up on you, I love you (giving up is the easiest)
• Saying it 1,000 times is probably logical, reasonable, required, and difficult
• Punishments - less so. Removing punishments for clarifying the "Alliance is Broken" makes sense
Collaborative Parent Teachers• We have one goal - mutual respect. Cooperation
• Mutual understanding for each of us - the parent, the teacher
• First of all, discuss, then deliver a message to the child
• Do not responding quickly. Think, then react with the child
Meaning and values• Teach Meaning (giving to others, encouraging others, helping the weak, ....) All the time, as a source of good mood, love of life and self-love
• Cross-border marking (lies, experience / thoughts of breaking the law)
• Through conversations about current affairs, use the events that happen to experience an opinion
Common situations and what do they do with them?• Messy room
• Alcohol
• Drugs
• Violence
• Shaming
• Disrespectful speech to parents
• Coming home late
• Not doing homework
Healthy relationship = a safe recipe for connecting to the children• Invest in your relationship
• Our relationship - above everything
• Neither of us knows and is unsure of the right path for the child
• Listening, touching, hugging, scalp massages - this is the basis for intimacy

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