Student empowerment

Number of sessions: Approximately 4 sessions

Target audience: elementary, middle school and high school students

  • The sessions are all take place in the form of lectures/experiences/mini-workshops in a hall, with up to 200 participants
  • The lecture/activity is both funny and educational

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Strength, self-confidence• I have a head, good eyes, and durability! Persuading students who have a lot, regardless of grades
• We all have everything: Thinking ability, problem solving, maturity, sensitivity, and more ... A little bit of everything.
• I did it, I did it, I did it! Mirroring experience to students. Look how much you did without even noticing.
• Do not let outside / social criticism affect your behavior too much
Self-ignition - Awakening your Will Power• Sitting straight (psychotherapy-based) and internal statements (CBT-based) as an immediate strengthening tool
• Dual Breathing 4 Types as a Strengthening Tool (Normal, Deep / Deep Breath Shoulder Shoulder, Slow Air Release (pffffffp, aaahhh - sigh), and more ...
• Cheetah tiger meetings (forward) / swan (upright) / whale (back)
Building charisma and body language for motivation and influence• Hands forward, strong voice, eyes wide open (shock)
• Faster / slower activity
• Standing in front of a crowd: Moving on a "stage", looking at the audience, and more
Calmness + behavior regulation (focus)• Breathing, straightening, screw movement, benefit from regulation, dangers of non-regulation
• Gianna Management, Calmness Management
Types of encouragement from people around you + decreasing complaints• The responsibility of encouraging people around you
• Decreasing complaints, whining
• Praise: Well done, amazing, great, you did it. Wonderful
• Forward: Don’t give up! Do not be afraid! Say it. Do it!
• Calmness: Breathe, buddy. It’s not worth it. ...
• Personality: You're such an angel. An amazing friend. You’ve got a golden heart.
• Looks: Great shirt. Nice shoes. Cool haircut.
What’s having fun?• Increased senses (spirit, colors, shades, textures, flavors, scents)
• Experiences: Trip, sunrise, sunset, music, dance, ...
Awareness tools• Camera, alarm clock, traffic light - awareness tools
• T-junction of behavior selection, options tree
• Breathing as an automatic response break
• Advantages/disadvantages for decisions
Methodical difficulties management - mental resilience, mental well-being, minimizing suicidal thoughts• Difficulty is natural, difficulty recognition
• Laughing at ourselves and at the world as a tool for unloading difficulties
• "Gong" - marking the arrival of difficult moments
• Being prepared with self-strengthening phrases
• Recognizing the difficulties ("Smurfs")
• Recognizing Automatic Negative Thoughts
• Heart / Computer Emotional Cable Analysis
Body, nutrition, sports - as tools for strengthening• A fun morning shower
• How to make a small situation improvement. Have fun. No pressure. Over time
• Carbon reduction
• Every meal is a success
• Don't be afraid of weight
• Movement is also good (not just sports), running groups, ...
• Technical: Daily eating plan, first aid, favorite menu, ...
Life planning• The difference between a clear (slightly stressful) goal and picturing a direction (more relaxing)
• Looking ahead to your future (military service, choosing a job, where to live, ...)
• The benefit of general planning
• Recalculating the plan for any topic in life + it’s okay to retreat
Courage, initiative, innovation, social involvement and activism• Social / Business Idea - Any idea is beautiful. Anyone can be an inventor.
• Development stages of an idea in each area: An app, changing the world, new store service, ...
• Making small steps lets you do everything - how to keep it small?
• Saying what you believe, even if people don't like it
• Try 20 times, until you succeed
Language, a unique dictionary of enthusiasm • Leopard, Swan, Neck, JM, ...

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