Team and management development, team building for lead team

Number of sessions: Approximately 4 sessions

Target audience: Staff and principals of elementary schools, middle schools and high schools

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Vision and values• Building an organizational vision, building organizational values
• Building personal vision, personal values, and integrating it with organizational vision and values
• Getting values from the wall to the ground - applying it in daily life
Increasing the leading team’s power, which impacts all• Reviving faith in the organization's resurrection and breaking through
• Personal power, self-ignition, self-care in all life sectors for power
Motivation + anti-grinding and organizational resilience• About 10 methods of encouraging people: Forward, calm, do not give up, do not be afraid to fear, dare, increase courage, increase assertiveness, attribute, extraction of thinking, about execution, amount of encouragement per day, group encouragement, ...
• Enhancing Charisma and Standing in Front of Audience + Exciting Body Language 4 rules
• Connecting employees to Engagement organization based on organizational benefits, gratitude and power of organization
• Anti-grinding solutions: Projects, volunteering, product/service improvements, marketing improvements, ...
• Reducing steam, howls, skepticism, cynicism, conservatism
Change management• Getting change well with less demoralization
• There have been reforms, there will be reforms, trying, doing our best, at least partially implementing what is possible
• Getting an exchange of managers, new managers
• Going through layoffs and downsizing in a containable but powerful and rational way
Workflow, streamlining• Increasing process awareness in the organization - PAL
• Simplicity of processes (3 clicks, 3 steps)
• Workflow automation
Meeting management, and enthusiasm briefings• Shorter - how to do it
• Exciting / lifting (and not suppressing depressing) - how to do it
• Control - the mother of all successes. How to stick to it and sell its beauty
Recruiting and retaining employees + work-life balance• By connecting to an organization
• By extracting self-thinking and sense of meaning
• By enthusiasm
• By a career path and / or a combination of independence / hiring
• Family Work Balance Tips
Formation and communication• We all have one goal, there’s no us/them, we do not exhaust each other1
Improving performance, awareness, and behavioral accuracy• Increase behavior self-absorption (reflection)
• T node in behavior (choice) + behavior experiments
• Courage in behavior
Methodological difficulty management • Intellectual problem solving. Improving processes instead of nerves
• 4 steps for orderly difficulty management including answering thoughts and action plans
17 hours

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